Hydraulic Pump for Balemaster Baler


This is the Olympic Hydraulic Pump for the Balemaster Balers. We have the 25hp, 30hp, 50hp and 75hp hydraulic pumps in stock and ready to ship for your Balemaster baler. The second two numbers in your Balemaster model number is the indication of its hp (for example: The 4450G-8 Balemaster Baler has a 50hp motor and subsequently would use the 50hp pump*). Models with a HP Rating of 60hp, 100hp and 150 hp have two 30hp, 50hp and 75hp pump respectively. If you have any questions feel free to call our parts and service experts at (844) 302-4881

*yes we know hydraulic pumps do not have hp ratings but since each motor has the same equivalent pump we say it that way to keep things simple. If you would like to know the specific high and low flow rate of each dual vane pump feel free to call and ask. 

The compatible Balemaster part numbers ( and ours in BOLD ) for the respective pumps would be HBA00044 for 25hp ( HA-0044 ) , HBA00045 for 30hp ( HA-0045 ), HBA00046 for 50hp ( HA-0046 ) and HBA00047 for 75hp ( HA-0047