Motor, Motor Brake and Gear Reducer Assembly

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This is the Olympic 3hp Motor, Motor Brake and Gear Reducer Assembly for the Balemaster Balers needle and twister assembly. These parts will fit all Balemaster Balers. There is 2 of these per baler. 1 for to control the needles in/out and 1 to control the twisting and cutting of the wire. If you have any questions about the part please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our parts experts at (844) 302-4881.

BM Part Number Brake, Motor and Gear Reducer  $       2,266.79
DAA00042 / DAA00040 Gear Reducer   $          974.95
DAB00007 Motor Brake  $          595.89
MHCB BBF 3HP 3HP Motor  $          695.95