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Baling Wire 11g 100lb coils

Box Wire

Box Wire


Price is for 1 Pallet and Pallet is reflective of a $78.75/box price. Bulk price available if you are purchasing more then 1 Pallet. Call (844) 302-4881 for bulk pricing.

Olympic Baling Wire

  • Less Breakage
  • Better Bales
  • Up Front Pricing

Quality Guaranteed.

  • 1018 Carbon Content
  • Precisely Wound
  • Lightly Oiled
  • Anti-Corrosive Packaging
  • Bulk Pricing Available

Sold in pallet Quantities

  • 1 Pallet = 36 100lb coils of black annealed box wire
  • Order 4 or more pallets and save Call: (844) 302-4881 for Pricing


Lift Cart for Baling Wire Save 18%

Lift Cart for Baling Wire

Save 18%

This lift is easy to maneuver with 4" x 1" wheels, two rigid, two locking swivel. Features a removable platform with adjustable forks underneath for increased versatility for transporting your baling wire on the cart.  Platform size is 20" wide by 20" long. The handle length on the hand crank may be adjusted to increase or decrease lifting/lowering speeds. Lifts 2-1/2" per rotation.  Questions, call us (844) 302-4881

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